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30/30 in 30: The Alumni Atelier Associates Proposal


Thirty vessels. Thirty bowls and platters. Ranging in size and shape, with an average height or length of 12”. These are the letters of my alphabet.
Some of these objects will remain bowls, platters and vessels. But others…

...Others will be combined, merged…FORGED…into a language, with a grammar…RULES of the game…from which a set of tools and methods will describe the world we see in front of us…


Lamps, Torches, Fountains…

…and the MEANS to build new worlds…of imagination and wonder…an expression, through objects and storytelling…of WHAT IS POSSIBLE…as we work
and play within a present reality of the IN BETWEEN.

One foot in the past, one foot in the present, with toes and shoulders pointing toward the future: 2023 AD

This is my vision. This is my project for…

Savannah’s Alumni Atelier Associates Program 2023



About the Artist:

Derek Larson is a SCAD MFA alumnus who works at a furious, physical pace. He combines the power and studio practice of a boxer, and the beauty and grace of a ballerina. As he approaches his 10,000 hours in the studio, he is ready to show the world how effortless his hard work can manifest into form. The motive and drive that keeps him going…his mantra…is to always exist in the present moment, with an open heard, and empty mind, and the playfulness of a child and his favorite toys.


The vessel is the contemporary and traditional "catch all" form for ceramic objects that contain and/or carry something physical or spiritual. I enjoy the four-sided vessel in particular, especially as an opportunity for mark-making and storytelling. Ships and skyscrapers, the human body, or simply a cup, can become a vessel to hold and transport people, other objects, something fluid, or something spiritual.


Bowls and Platters

I make highly decorative bowls, platters AND vessels using underglazes, that explore texture and mark making and embrace storytelling. But for a project that aims to complete 30 vessels and 30 bowls and platters in 30 days, I plan to limit the number of pieces that use underglaze (decorative painting) with clear glaze technique, while the majority will focus on form and texture, accentuated with beautiful glazes that are simply applied after the bisque fire stage.


Light and Water: New Objects Emerge

By combining bowls, platters and vessels - much like combining words and sentences to form new ideas - I can introduce lighting and water elements and create a variety of artifacts for indoor and outdoor living spaces, such as lamps, torches, fountains, and cooking vessels. The vessel becomes the connector of other forms, and allows water, electricity and other material - seen or unseen - to fill and flow through each individual form. 

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