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The soul

Derek Larson's artistic spirit has infused works across space and time.


His Nile clay ankhs protected night travelers in ancient Egypt. His forged relics bought souls from persecution during the Inquisition.


His plasticine effigies inspired the Zürich Dadaists.


Today that same spirit endures, fired into each and every one of his ceramic works.

The artist

Derek Larson is an emerging sculpture artist with a background in comics and illustration. He grew up in Southern Maryland, where he excelled in both the sciences and visual arts, played sports as well as the piano and saxophone. In high school he fell in love with ceramics, but decided to go to college in Boston for advertising.  


Derek moved to Savannah in 2006, and earned his MFA from SCAD in 2010 in Sequential Art (comics). In early 2020 Derek became reunited with his first love and passion from high school - ceramic sculpture. He finds inspiration from the architecture, natural beauty, and quirky characters in Savannah that bring this storybook city to life. 

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