Hi. My name is Derek. I make artifacts and tell stories.


I take stories, and make artifacts.

And then I make artifacts to tell stories.

We call these stories Sole Savannah.

Take a walk. See the city. Feel the energy. Embrace the layers, the texture, and...


Embrace the people and objects that tell them.


That's what being human is all about.


specializing in

Figurative Sculpture 


Decorative Ceramic Tile

Commissioned Artifacts
for Living Beautifully

Inside and Outside the Home


Savannah, GA



The Soul

Derek Larson’s artistic spirit has infused works across time and space.


His Nile clay ankhs protected night travelers in ancient Egypt.


His forged relics bought souls from persecution during the Inquisition. His plasticine effigies inspired the Zürich Dadaists.


Today that same spirit endures, fired into each and every one of his ceramic works.

The Human

Derek Larson is also a human being. An emerging sculpture artist with a background in comics and illustration.

He got into all the good art schools but decided to attend Boston University to pursue a communications degree and study a variety of subjects, study abroad, and meet people his age from around the world.

He made a lot of comics at that time. Writing and illustration were his only creative outlets and form of expression and therapy, during tough times.

His MFA from SCAD, in Sequential Art, was rigorous and taught him every skill he uses to sculpt, illustrate, and tell stories today. And research. And have a passion for human history, language, culture and relationships. Also other worlds and dimensions, and the magic happening all around us when we just look up, or down.


He's experienced culture and good living at the highest level, and been homeless (not for too long but the road to something decent was much longer) living on the streets of Savannah.


Now he's a full time artist who sells ceramic mushrooms to pay his bills.


He's working on big things, quietly, even though he posts a lot of fun stuff on Instagram. Only a studio visit will reveal the true inner workings of his process and projects. Basically, keeping the madness to himself and showing off mushrooms and cute bunnies.


No shows planned for 2022 or winter 2023. he'd rather be making art, teaching after school programs, and helping with fun projects in the community like mosaic murals and ceramic chain links that connect communities.


Derek has a simple hierarchy of values, and looks for people, projects and commissions that "check multiple boxes" for him, in one or hopefully two or all three general categories:


1. His son, close family, and small circle

2. EXPERIENCES, adventures and partnerships that open the heart to stay present in the moment

3. Sculpture, Custom Framing and Decorative Tile

If it don't fit into one of those, you're out.