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Ceramic Artifacts and Sculpture for Living Beautifully

Featured Pieces

The Artist

Derek Larson is an emerging sculpture artist with a background in comics and illustration.

Derek studied anthropology and linguistics at Boston University and earned his BA in advertising. He moved to Savannah and slowly worked toward his MFA in Sequential Art from Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD). 

Today, Derek makes ceramic artifacts and decorative tile for interior and exterior living spaces that speak to a timeless moment that is neither past or future but here and now. Above all, Derek embraces storytelling deeply rooted in symbolism and metaphysical realms beyond time and space, rooted in a quest for identity. His. Ours. The.

Beyond all the fancy talk, Derek makes art inspired by stories, which hopefully tell a story of their own. There's a real energy in his work you can see in pictures or on a website but you gotta check out in the realz. It's passion. It's play. But to a serious level. 

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